uhhuh Oh my dirty plz
Isn't it strange, that it's always the truth that seems the most suspicious?
"The story about deceiving one's eyes"

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"Robin Williams isn’t dead, he’s in Jumanji"


Hallo! (⊙⊖⊙)ノ  I just did another print run. Like last time, 5x7 prints are available for $2.50 each and $1 flat shipping :) There’s some new images, some restocks, and leftovers.

The shop is here: banafria.storenvy.com

And once again if you reblog this post, I’ll choose a random person next week (Aug 12) and send them a bunch of free prints. I’ll post the raffle winner publicly this time since I had some trouble with sending Asks last time, so please keep an eye out if interested >o< 

Thank you! m(_ _)m


No storm without rain - an 8059 fanmix (because these precious nerds are giving me emotions again)

come alive- hanni el khatib // kathleen- catfish and the bottlemen // what you know- two door cinema club // fever- the black keys // waste- foster the people // always where i need to be- the kooks // elusive (flako remix)- lianne la havas // outsiders- franz ferdinand // hot mess- cobra starship // sweet sour- band of skulls // always like this- bombay bicycle club // bad habit- foals // be mine- the heavy // take me out- franz ferdinand // nicotine- panic! at the disco // mardy bum- arctic monkeys // animal- neon trees

listen here!!


What kind of airline promotes this



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<sup> makes things go up up up up

<sub> makes things go down down down down

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some kagepro doodles

my internet connection is making me want to weep

Humans are complete fools


Theme Giveaway for followers →

Firstly, thank you for always supporting—I know, without you, I can’t stand by myself, I can’t make a themes until now. To celebrate, I’ve made a themes for theme-giveaway!


  1. You must be following me, it’s a giveaway for followers. If you win and you’re not following me, I’ll choose another person
  2. Reblog and Like per 1 person
  3. Giveaway ends: 29 July 2014
  4. The winners will be chosen via random number generator— 3 winners

Go! Go! Go! I’ll be waiting for the winners! The preview on the theme can be seen here or click the title above.


and so for the final time, let’s 「pray」


I'm sorry, Shuuya… your big sis isn’t so tough after all. I’m kinda scared…

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